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Technology policy and law for clients from Fortune 100 corporations to shoestring funded start-ups. A former AmLaw 100 partner, Glenn Manishin offers competition, intellectual property, complex litigation and policy advocacy for technology based enterprises. He is a tech savvy lawyer, thought leader on the evolving law of social media and prominent speaker and legal blogger.

My practice is focused on finding creative and efficient ways for computer, communications, Internet and software companies to validate their business models and to navigate the labyrinth of legal and regulatory barriers impacting innovation. A pioneer in the synthesis of law and technology policy, my mission is to solve the legal challenges of high-tech and other clients with a minimum of cost and a maximum of strategic vision.  My multidisciplinary background also includes corporate financial and transactional deals, offering integrated representation to both emerging growth and mature technology ventures.


Glenn Manishin

“A leading antitrust expert.” — Time.com
“Smart, fast and strategic.” — Roberta Katz, former EVP & General Counsel, Netscape
“As entrepreneurial as any lawyer I know.” — Whitey Bluestein, formerly MCI, NorthPoint
“The best antitrust move the software industry ever made.” — Ken Wasch, President, SIIA
“A pioneer of high-tech lobbying.” — John Flaherty, Chief of Staff, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Cal.)
“The Web. 2.0 guru.” — Piper Cole, former VP-Govt. Relations, Sun Microsystems
“Exceptional lawyer.” — Maria Foscarinis, Founder, Natl. Law Ctr. on Homelessness & Poverty
“Antitrust ace.” — Law360.com

My career includes nearly three decades of cutting-edge experience in high-tech litigation, with an emphasis on the impact of convergence and legal uncertainty between legacy industries and the new economy. I have represented major software and Internet-centric companies in matters involving software antitrust, Internet regulation, cybersecurity, domain name competition, standards, privacy, intellectual property, broadband and disability access, universal service and spam. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as lead trial and appellate counsel in numerous high-profile cases arising out of regulation and competition in network effects markets and on the interface between intellectual property and competition law. These include a landmark 2004 appellate reversal of the FCC’s media concentration rules, the largest reported jury verdict in Maryland in 2005, and the first federal litigation challenging the regulated status of VoIP technology.

It is no boast to say that I have participated in virtually all of the most important regulatory, judicial and legislative proceedings affecting telecommunications and the Internet for the past 28 years. For instance, I was one of a handful of lawyers selected by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis to present oral argument in Iowa Utilities Board v. FCC, the first federal appeal of the FCC’s rules implementing the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and am the only antitrust lawyer to have appeared as counsel-of-record in both the United States v. AT&T and United States v. Microsoft monopolization cases.  My clients have over the years proudly comprised a veritable who’s who roster of the IT industry leadership, including MCI, Netscape, Oracle, Google, [email protected], Sun, the Recording Industry Association of America, Tellme, Echelon, ProComp, EMusic, Travelocity, NorthPoint, WildBlue, Tollbridge, Winstar, Telocity, shopkick, Siebel, Sling Media, U.S. Web and others.  I have also represented such pro bono public interest clients as Consumers Union, the Consumer Federation of America, the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR).

With the accelerating convergence of computing and telecommunications technology, legal complexities and risks are increasing. Successful business strategy in the new millennium — a Web 2.0, cloud computing, social media and mobility-centric era — necessitates an awareness of the constraints imposed by both competitors and government policy. Where relief from the courts, regulatory agencies or legislative bodies is called for to meet the needs of today’s uncertain market environment, smart, strategic and fast legal counsel is available for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups and emerging growth ventures.